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Let's Scare Matthew Price to Death...

Let’s Scare Matthew Price to Death is a Toronto, Ontario based podcast where every episode a new and exciting guest attempts to murder the eponymous host using the scariest movie they know.

Matthew Price is the co-host of the long-running film and popular culture podcast Mamo! Join him as he guides his guests through discussions about the nature and origins of our movie-specific fears, nostalgic looks back on childhood horror movie viewings, and so much more.

Dec 17, 2017

I mean, we all know why we're here, to talk about this particular '80's horror-action-sci-fi mashup. Sure, there's the horror of nuclear war (timely!) and the fear that someone could invade our dreams using psychic projection. But here on Let's Scare Matthew Price to Death we're interested in true, paralyzing, childhood dread, and for that, you need the m-f'ing Snake Man that comes barreling out of this movie and makes you wish you could just hide until he goes away.

My guest is Dave Voigt and he bring all the fun and expertise that's always on display at his online home, In the Seats. We talk Dreamscape, so join us for a trip down memory...brain?