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Let's Scare Matthew Price to Death...

Let’s Scare Matthew Price to Death is a Toronto, Ontario based podcast where every episode a new and exciting guest attempts to murder the eponymous host using the scariest movie they know.

Matthew Price is the co-host of the long-running film and popular culture podcast Mamo! Join him as he guides his guests through discussions about the nature and origins of our movie-specific fears, nostalgic looks back on childhood horror movie viewings, and so much more.

Nov 19, 2017

Always a pleasure to get to visit with an old friend - and also make a new one. The Thing is just the best in every way, and getting a chance to dig deep into why it works so well and remains so scary was really a treat. My guest this week is Laura DiGirolamo - writer for Exclaim! and co-director of the very nifty Bloody Mary Film Festival in Toronto.